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Freightliner Hauler Body Custom Interior

The Freightliner M2 chassis is available for the more serious heavy duty tow vehicle consumer that enjoys the sporty look but feel of a larger truck. These Freightliner chassis are equipped with the Mercedes 330 HP engine for the 2007 model year or the Cummins 330 HP engine for the 2008 model year. This truck combined with our all-aluminum hauler bed has a unique look and lets you stand apart from the crowd.

We offer two packages on the M2 Freightliner. We have our Luxury Edition and our Rocky Mountain Edition. If you’re a customer that doesn’t require all the standard amenities then the Luxury Edition will be perfect for you but if you’re a customer that likes to indulge then the Rocky Mountain Edition is the truck of your dreams. This package has so many standard amenities that it’s hard to find extras to add to this truck.

We are proud in the design, quality, comfort and style we can offer our customers. We feel the M2 Freightliner installed with our all-aluminum hauler bed meets the needs of today’s trailer towing and payload demanding users. It will take whatever you have, wherever you want!